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Tailored solutions for your exclusive needs

Most investors have common goals – to take care of their families, businesses and community. In the meantime, our duty is to make sure, that their wealth is well preserved, managed and ready for the future generations.

In the dynamic financial markets and constantly changing regulatory environment “Orion Wealth” ensures fulfilment of complex financial structures and achievement of financial well-being goals of the investors. Making sure your wealth serves not only You today, but also your future generations. 

Long term partnership that suits your needs

"Orion Wealth" is a multi-family with the goal of wealth preservation, growth and transfer across generations. We offer investment, business succession planning, governance, wealth transfer, insurance, charitable giving, financial and estate planning, legal and tax services.
Investment management

– Personal investment strategy

– Wealth audit

– Risk management

Project developement

– Project development from A to Z

– Search of strategic partnerships

– Co-investment

Succession planning

– Tailored solutions

– Wealth preservation strategy and fulfilment

– Preparation of heirs

Alternative services

– Philanthropy planning and management

– Alternative wealth collecting

– Concierge

Since Lithuania regained its independence there has been a huge change in business environment. Not only dreams, needs and sentiments of the investors are changing, but also the generation, that manages wealth, as well. With current access to quickly developing technology, we understand that it‘s not enough to take a passive role of an advisor – investors are looking for active partners who could generate and develop project together with them.

Here at “Orion Wealth” we lead our investors from A to Z. We takes risks, co-invest and earn together with them. We believe in what we do and we are driven by the ambition to deliver the highest quality trust-worthy experience to our investors.

Mindaugas Strėlis
“Orion Wealth” CEO

We are here to help you:

– Preservations, diversification and growth of your wealth;
– Personalised investment strategies;
– Business management questions;
– Succession planning;
– Project financing;
– Philanthropy.

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Mindaugas Strėlis | Orion Wealth CEO