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Capital markets

Transaction execution by professional team

  • Your investment solutions will be immediately carried out by a personal broker
  • We are available by phone, e-mail and most popular social channels from 9AM–11PM every work day.

Wide selection of financial instruments

  • Stocks, bonds
  • Derivative financial instruments: CFD (contracts for difference), futures (future contracts), options (contract options), FX (foreign exchange market), etc.
  • Repo (repurchase), re-Repo (reverse repurchase) transactions
  • We are the only ones in Lithuania offering CFD in the Baltic States and Poland markets
  • Currency and commodity hedges
  • Trade in nearly all the world’s capital markets


These are exchange traded funds, that can be directly bought or sold on the stock exchanges. ETFs track the performance of a particular index, asset class or financial instrument. Exchange traded funds are based on different asset classes, such as: equities (by geography, industry and other factors), bonds, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Why choose exchange traded funds:

  • ETF instruments can help to diversify portfolio.
  • ETFs can track and be based on: different indices, value or growth companies, high-dividend companies, ESGs and SRIs, i.e. companies that meet environmental, social responsibility and good governance standards, and many other factors.
  • These are liquid financial instruments and are traded in the same way as shares
  • The commissions of these passively managed funds are significantly lower compared to actively managed funds;

Main stock indices and ETFs >>

Individualised investment solutions

  • Shareholdings
  • Over the counter transactions (you can find the transactions here)
  • Unquoted company transactions

Online trading

  • We offer the possibility of real-time trading of stocks and CFD in the markets of Baltic States and Poland
  • We offer the latest trading platforms intended for trading in foreign markets
  • We offer the most advanced FX and CFD trading technologies, easily accessible trade of commodities and indices

Baltic country company bonds

All information and Baltic country bonds constantly updated by our capital market team can be found here.

Get in touch

Financial brokers work from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM every weekday. To place an order please call +370 622 000 88 or contact us by e-mail


We are here to help:

– Transaction execution
– Investment portfolio review, strategy and management
– Other wide range of services related to capital markets

Get in touch:

Mantvidas Žėkas | Head of Capital Markets or gerneral phone number: +370 5 231 3833