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Capital markets

Exceptional transaction execution

  • Your investment solutions will be immediately carried out by a personal broker
  • We are always available by phone, e-mail, skype or internet (we work between 9–23 h.)

Wide selection of financial instruments

  • Stocks, bonds
  • Derivative financial instruments: CFD (contracts for difference), futures (future contracts), options (contract options), FX (foreign exchange market), etc.
  • Repo (repurchase), re-Repo (reverse repurchase) transactions
  • We are the only ones in Lithuania offering CFD in the Baltic States and Poland markets
  • Currency and commodity hedges
  • Trade in nearly all the world’s capital markets

Individualized investment solutions

  • Shareholdings
  • Over the counter transactions (you can find the transactions here)
  • Unquoted company transactions

Online trading

  • We offer the possibility of real-time trading of stocks and CFD in the markets of Baltic States and Poland
  • We offer the latest trading platforms intended for trading in foreign markets
  • We offer the most advanced FX and CFD trading technologies, easily accessible trade of commodities and indices


You can download our fees.

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