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How to start investing?

We often hear: “I don’t know how to invest”, “investing takes a lot of time”, “to invest I need large sums”. These quite a often are simply psychological barriers, but not the reality.

We’ve been working with investors and taking care of their financial well-being since 1993. Each of our investors has a personal advisor who send investment portfolio overview, advises on changes if there is a need. Each investment strategy is built based on person’s individual needs and future plans. We help our investors to both create investment strategy and implement it later to achieve their financial goals.

Simple as 1-2-3

We know that investing requires time and knowledge. Each of our financial investment advisors is ready to give both time and knowledge needed for you to understand how to start investing or grow your current portfolio. Periodical investment starts with deciding how much you can invest every month and building discipline to follow monthly plan.

We can help you:

• Build your personal investment strategy
• Fully manage your portfolio and investment projects

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Mantvidas Žėkas
Head of Capital Markets | Orion

The investment calculator is used to calculate the expected investment result. The calculations are based on the assumption that periodic contributions are paid at the beginning of each month. The calculator uses a monthly recalculation frequency. Calculations are made regardless of applicable service / transaction / transaction fees. UAB FMĮ Orion Securities shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or losses that may be incurred by investors who have used the information provided. Return on investment is associated with risk: the value of an investment may decrease or increase during the investment period. If the return on investment has been positive in the past, it will not necessarily be so in the future. If you need more information, please contact UAB FMĮ Orion Securities.