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Did you know?

On average women live 6-8 years longer than men. Therefore, they need to plan more for their financial savings in the future.

About 85% of women take care of family’s daily financial matters (bill payments, etc.).1


58% of couples entrust long-term financial and investment issues to a husband.1


Serving clients since 1993, here at Orion Securities, we cannot remain indifferent to the fact that women account for only about 4% of all investors.

Women invest differently

Research shows that men are more prone to speculative investing. They like higher-risk products which often mean higher returns.

In the meantime, women tend to opt for a longer investment horizon and focus on overall long-term returns. They spend more time understanding potential risks and planning different options in case of adverse situations.

Often, low-risk tolerance is beneficial in long-term investments. Therefore, when it comes to investment management, women are really ahead of men.

Did you know that women achieve 0.81% higher returns than men in three years of investing? Therefore, after 30 years of investing, it’s likely that women would reach 25 percent larger portfolio value than men.

W Invest – members’ club for investing women


Women for women about investing and finance. We invite you to invest and learn about financial management in a small private circle. All tutorials and learning session are structured and prepared by wealth management professionals. To join, please email us at

„While avoiding risk, women mistakenly think that investing is not for them. When working with women, I am constantly educating them on how to choose investment products to accumulate the desired amount in the long run. I’ve also noticed that women, thinking they can’t invest, are preventing their financial well-being from growing too early. After all, making your first investment quite often means getting out of your comfort zone. And I’m really happy to see how women’s attitudes towards investing change after a few initial investments.”

Indrė Butkevičiūtė
Orion Wealth | Senior wealth manager

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We encourage the growth of the number of women investors in Lithuania, because we believe that it is beneficial not only for each woman individually, but also for the economic development of Lithuania.

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