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The base for the succession of your wealth

During 30 years of independence, investors’ obligation and wish to take care of their families, businesses and communities has remained strong as always. Yet, the topic of wealth continuity seems to remain taboo to this day. Observing general market uncertainty and lack of good practice in Lithuania “Orion Wealth” aims to educate society and investors, establishing the so needed basis for succession planning.

“Succession ABC” is the symbolic name for this project, and we will do our best to share our knowledge and experience in this field. Let your wealth serve not only you today, but your future generation as well.

only 30%
Only 30% of family businesses in the world reach the second generation, 12% – the third generation and, unfortunately, only 3% – the fourth generation.
5 years
On average, poorly or unplanned inherited wealth is wasted over the 5 years.
only 17%
Only 17% of family businesses in the world have a well-communicated and responsibly created business transfer plan.
More than 50% of the population has no wealth succession plan.
In Lithuania, women register twice as many wills as men.

Our experience for the longevity of your wealth

The long-standing experience in investment management and wealth planning, combined with legal and tax expertise of top independent firms, allows Orion Wealth to accompany you at every step of succession planning. Our flexible approach and diversified team ensures that solutions chosen together will always meet your vision taking into account changing needs, wealth situation and generation that manages it.

Choice of inheritance strategy
Legal and tax analysis of inheritance methods
Preparation of asset management strategy
Preparation of heirs

Our team

Mindaugas Strėlis
Orion Wealth CEO

Marija Gecaitė
Orion Wealth | Wealth manager

Indrė Butkevičiūtė
Orion Wealth | Senior wealth manager

Karolis Ražukas
Orion Wealth | Project manager

The secret of sustainable and successful succession planning is a duo of financial and legal knowledge. Leading wealth management firm in Lithuania, Orion Wealth, with the help of independent top legal partners, offers personalized solutions and consistent implementation of strategic succession planning.

“Orion Wealth” has been awarded in three categories in an annual study by the international financial markets magazine “Euromoney's Private Banking and Wealth Management”. “Orion Wealth” has been nominated for the Best in Asset Management, Conservation and Philanthropy category.