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"Orion" establishes business leasing company "Orion Leasing"

The “Orion” team has joined forces with long-term leasing specialists from “UniCredit Leasing” and established the leasing company “Orion Leasing”, which will provide financial leasing services to businesses. The company will be managed by Laimonas Belickas, the founder and long-term manager of the former “UniCredit Leasing” in Lithuania.

Alius Jakubėlis | Orion CEO


Alion Jakubėlis, the head of “Orion”, states: “Orion” has extensive experience in working with company finances and raising capital. With a good understanding of our customers’ needs, we see a still unfilled niche for efficient access to finance that would encourage companies to grow and achieve their goals faster. We are seeking a commercial bank license, so we believe that leasing will strengthen our competitive advantage. ”

Laimonas Belickas | „Orion Leasing“ CEO


The joining with the “Orion” group of companies, according to L. Belickas, was inspired by their experience in raising and managing capital and the mutually overlapping approach to business financing.

“By establishing a new leasing company, we set ourselves a significant task – to ensure fast and efficient access to capital for investments in business modernization and technological progress. We will provide financing and rental services for production and IT equipment, mobility equipment, transport, agricultural, construction and other equipment for large and small companies. We will pay special attention to green conversion and circular economy solutions. I don’t see such players in the market today,”- comments L. Belickas

“Our uniqueness and special feature is that by cooperating with manufacturers and asset sellers, we can supplement the bank financing products already operating in the market and provide financing precisely in cases where it is more difficult for projects to obtain traditional bank financing. Today, in Lithuania and some other countries, leasing activities are often integrated into the internal structures of banks. In this way, flexibility is lost, the client’s interests suffer,” – says L. Belickas.

Orion Leasing” is currently starting operations in Lithuania, but expansion to other European markets is planned in the near future. The start-up portfolio amounts to about 20 million euro and will be actively expanded in the future.


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