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Orion Securities has successfully applied blockchain technology to issuer accounting

Investicinės bankininkystės įmonė „Orion Securities“ kartu su technologijų vystymo įmone „SUPER HOW?“ rado sprendimą vertybinių popierių apskaitą padaryti dar skaidresne, saugesne ir patogesne investuotojui, pritaikius blokų grandinės (angl. blockchain) technologiją. Naujos technologijos naudojimas emitentų apskaitoje jau pritaikytas vienam „Orion Securities“ klientui.

The investment banking company Orion Securities together with the technology development company “SUPER HOW?” found a solution to make issuers‘ accounting even more transparent, safer and more convenient for the investor by applying blockchain technology. The use of the new technology in issuer accounting has already been applied to one client of Orion Securities.
Blockchain technology is reshaping the way how data, wealth, governance and other important areas can be restructured. This technology can increase the transparency of organizations and detect fraud immediately. This would raise the social responsibility of organizations and the safety of customers to new heights, and medium-sized companies and developing countries would benefit the most from this. This technology has potential until 2030 increase the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) by US$1.76 trillion.

When it comes to accounting for issuers, blockchain technology, distinguished by its decentralization and anti-forgery, provides unique value by providing a unified true view of the change in ownership of securities. In this way, it helps to solve the problems and vulnerabilities of traditional accounting models.


Blockchain technology in issuer accounting

“This blockchain driven, new method of accounting for issuers may become dominant in the near future. It provides a consistent and immutable transaction audit trail, with real-time visibility of transaction details for all participants involved. It would also speed up settlement time,” says Karolis Pikūnas, CEO of Orion Securities.

Karolis Pikūnas | „Orion Securities“ CEO

“In issuer accounting blockchain technology allows for the creation of a decentralized ledger of transactions that can be accessed by all participating parties. This ensures complete transparency as every transaction is accounted for and can be traced. No more discrepancies and fraud. This technology allows Orion Securities to view and control transactions using a convenient software solution. This guarantees complete control and greater security when accounting and protecting the issuers,” says Marius Mykolaitis, Head of business clients at Orion Securities.

Head of Business clients || Marius Mykolaitis

“Although this project is in the testing phase, one client of Orion Securities has been given the opportunity to feel the effectiveness of this solution, and the initial feedback is very positive. I believe that the use of blockchain technology will become the norm, not the exception, for all organizations working with securities” adds M. Mykolaitis.

Orion Securities team actively cooperates with companies operating in Lithuania that develop businesses based on blockchain technology. “Together we share experience in financial markets, monitor global trends in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and asset securitization, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our financial services so that our customers can make financial transactions easier, faster and safer.” – says Karolis Pikūnas, CEO of Orion Securities.


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