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One of the leading solar energy project developer

Bond distribution completed

With this public bond issue, the international solar energy project development and investment management company “Sun Investment Group” seeks to raise EUR 5 million , which will be used to finance the Group’s operational and investment activities.

The SIG group of companies started its activities in 2017 and currently unites more than 100 professionals in Lithuania, Poland, Italy, and Spain. SIG’s portfolio currently consists of more than 2.7 GW, of which nearly 300 MW capacity are ready-for-build (RTB) projects. To this date, SIG has successfully developed, built, and sold more than 200 MW of solar power plants in Lithuania, Poland, and the UK.

Tranche size Maturity Coupon rate Coupon payment rate Minimal investment sum Distribution dates
5 M EUR 12 months 13% Semi-annual 1 000 EUR 30th October – 24th November, 2023

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"Sun Investement Group" competitive advantages

Operation in promising markets

Issuer is operating in two of the most promising markets for solar development in Europe – Poland and Italy.

Strong project pipeline

Strong project pipeline in Poland, Italy and other markets.

Growth capabilities

Strong in-house development capabilities, from greenfield to construction, operation and maintenance.

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