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Orion Securities raises more than EUR 8 million in Capitalica Green Logistics Fund

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for Lithuanian investors, and they are keen to invest in funds working in this field. One such example is the Capitalica Green Logistics Fund, a logistics real estate fund established in the spring by SBA Group’s investment management firm Capitalica Asset Management.

This fund invests in green logistics centres built near major cities and major transport routes in the Baltic region. Sustainability is key to the selection of investments, so the facilities must meet energy efficiency standards, environmental protection, pollution and noise reduction, thereby mitigating the global climate crisis and increasing the competitiveness, value and durability of the assets under management.

The value of sustainable projects withstands economic shocks well

Karolis Pikūnas | Head of investment banking at Orion


Karolis Pikūnas, Head of Investment Banking, says: “We have been working with Capitalica Asset Management since their first real estate fund. Investors and we are satisfied with the results of the past five years and have a strong belief in the new strategy of ‘green concept logistics centres’. Although we are in a favourable geographic location, this asset class is still far behind the rest of Europe. But the pandemic period has shown that sustainable asset values are more resilient to economic shocks. Furthermore, this is the first fund of its kind in the Baltic states to specialise exclusively in logistics centres, and we see that the launch has come at the most optimal time for this, and the investor engagement only confirms this.”

Andrius Barštys, CEO of Capitalica Asset Management, says: “Logistics based on sustainable solutions is one of the most promising areas in terms of return on investment and security. Furthermore, the importance of e-commerce is growing, the Baltic region is developing at a swift pace, and the prices of logistics facilities are relatively much more attractive compared to Western Europe.”

“Orion Securities has helped us to attract more than EUR 8 million in investments in 2021, and we expect these figures to be even higher in 2022 when we will have more properties in our portfolio and will see the first results of our growth,” said Barštys.

The fund plans to manage more than EUR 100 million in assets within three years.

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